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More crap.

So, I believe I am going to have to drop Chemistry, as I cannot afford my books which will come to a whopping total of about 180 dollars for one damn class. I only pay 300 to fucking go to school, so shit. (Haha, I split an infinitive with an expletive. Hee.)

I've been thinking a lot lately about things in general. I'm not really sure why I'm not ruling the world yet. It's obvious that I'm better than nearly everyone I meet. Not to say that I'm not a total fuck; I am. That should reflect well my opinion of most other people, though.

I am very attractive. Short hair becomes me. And I dyed it green for the first time ever. It looks quite good. Not all green, of course--just the streaks in the front bit...those things...bangs, yeah. Anyway, so it's now green and the same dark-bluish purple color.

Also about my hair---today at Central Piedmont Crapmunity Crappage a very attractive boy with a labret piercing and shaggy brown hair (I do so love shaggy brown hair.) and big plugs in his earlobes told me he liked my hair and engaged me in conversation. His name is Steve. He's probably a dumbass, but who knows. He went to East Meck, but that was recently so I doubt any of my friends would know him. What's with all these youngsters? This one is probably 18. Still looks older than me. I swear, I need to start telling people my physical age instead of my chronological one because that's how everyone judges me anyway. So, from now on I'm 20.

I've decided to lie about my nationality as well as my age. In fact, I think I'll change it out by the week. Last week I was 24 and Armenian. This week I shall be 20 and Georgian. Not the state--the former Soviet territory where they speak a weird ergative language and are short and swarthy. (an example of weird georgian--cheshmaritad aghsdga=truly He is risen) Next week perhaps I'll be Greek and 21. As long as I stick to Eastern Europe and the Near East I ought to be able to keep people guessing. Haha. I hate people.

Why do I keep thinking I'm going to be able to sustain a relationship? It's already been proved to me that I can't. I suck at it, and people make me uncomfortable. There's always something wrong and it always eats at me until I'm about ready to burst. Obviously it's a personal problem. Everyone in the world can't be a shit, so it must be me. Or can they?

Maybe I'll go to Armenia and be Armenian after all. I could learn Armenian in a year.

Aghsdga is a combination of sounds that should never exist in a natural language. What's with Georgian anyway? Uzbekistan. Hrfft.

I've been reading far too many comic books. Subversive ones.
I am so tiresome.

My roommate's dog has decided that I am her owner and now follows me everywhere and sleeps on my bed and gets jealous of my cat. I don't care for dogs; particularly this one. It's smelly and noisy and irksome. Silly bitch. Can't help but be sweet to her though. She's an animal after all, and animals are superior to people because they aren't truculent, conniving, complicated or weird.

I don't think I want a boyfriend after all. I think I get brother-crushes or something dumb like that. I want someone to hang out with, play nintendo with, eat food with, do disreputable things with pharmaceuticals with, and share a bunk bed with. My mom always said that if you miss something in your childhood you'll try to recapture it as an adult. Sometimes that crazy drunk Donna-Reed lady says some pretty truthful things. Except when she's making stuff up. Like cotton in vitamin bottles is there to keep it fresh. Keep it fresh? Jesus. I believed her for years, too. Always kept the cotton in my vitamin bottles and ate fuzzy vitamins until a friend informed me of the real logical reason, which is to keep them from rattling about and breaking. Dammit.

They've changed the spellings of German. Not drastically, but enough to annoy me. I am wholeheartedly against any sort of spelling reform for any language at all. Even English. The only thing that lends elegance to this language is the wholly nonphonetic orthography. And besides, it's historically relevant. How else would we know that knight should really be pronounced...well, exactly as it's written. Stupid Great Vowel Shift. Isolated us from all the other Germanic languages, screwed up our pronounciation of Greek...and let's not get started on all the stupid French and Latin words. But yeah, German has changed the spelling and it's not for the better. I have special dispensation to continue with the old spellings because I learned German before they went and fucked with a perfectly good thing.

I am going to go before anyone who reads this has a seizure from boredom.

tora-b who lives directly across from Lang Van, Kathryn.
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