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boobies is my favorite word

another day, another load of crap.

tora-b. not tora-a.
1 July
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Aiya. No, let's see, I could probably add more than this.

I like languages a lot. I'm interested in norwegian, finnish, icelandic, german, old norse, korean, japanese, bulgarian, macedonian, serbo-croatian, old church slavonic, irish gaelic, welsh, armenian, what the fuck, everything.

I majored in historical performance at Oberlin Conservatory. I played harpsichord. I play lots of other stuff. Now I'm at UNC-G, which is in Greensboro.

Here's the short list of music I like:
Louis Couperin, John Dowland, Peter Phillips, Belle and Sebastian, Sigur Ros, Creeper Lagoon, Shizuka, Spitz, Yuzu, Lucinda Williams, Neko Case, Velvet Underground, Nico, Poor Rich Ones, Nobuo Uematsu (so what?), Shonen Knife, Liz Phair, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, lots of slavic folk music, buncha crap you never heard of, so forget it.

I like Kathryn and Valerie and associated peoples because they don't piss me off. It's that easy, assholes.