tora-b. not tora-a. (supertab) wrote,
tora-b. not tora-a.

I am so damn unlucky.

I just am. Luck is not something I have ever had. In fact, my luck works in reverse. I have a lot of character, however. Shitty life experience builds character. So when I finally go completely mad and start killing people who piss me off, I'll do it with plenty of style and panache.

Crappy crappy crap in a crapbasket.

Life really isn't all that awful. I just wish it would be even slightly smooth or easy for once. Like, a decent job with a steady paycheck, someone to come home to at night, and no stupid dogs, dirty roommates (okay, I''m starting to get annoyed with one person's lack of ability to put a goddamn dish in the dishwasher), piss on the carpet (dog again), and outstanding debt.


I have a hangover and I didn't even do anything last night. I think I am getting someone else's hangovers, and when I find out who it is, he's got it coming.

Saw Spun last night. Very well done. Reminded me of every tweaker I've ever known.

A certain someone is sending some very mixed signals, which are unfortunately mixed on the wrong side of things. I am attempting over time to shift the balance, god knows why since I'll probably fuck it up within the space of a month anyway.

Anyone who is familiar with English history ought to read "1066 And All That". It's a humorous retelling of British history. Very humorous. If you're a dork like me, I suppose.

Ever notice how whenever you go into a video store or music store or library, all the things you wanted to check out are suddenly gone from your working memory? Well, I have that problem with the livejournal. I can never remember all the profound and important things I wanted to write about once I'm finally sitting here. And it all becomes bitching about my current preoccupation. Fuck all this noise. I'm going to buy a soda and grump silently at people I don't know. Someone visit me, or call, or something. Goddamn. For real. 704-232-3974. That's my number. Yes, I bought a phone. The world is ending. Fuck you all. Graah!


Oh, I shaved off a majority of my hair. All but the bangs. It looks cute. Michael liked it a lot, but I think it makes my head look too big. Whatever.
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