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Jesus, Mary and Joseph...this isn't going to be terribly coherent at all...

Last night I got some of what is called 2ct-2, a phenethylamine related to other drugs in the 2c series such as 2cb and 2ct-7. Let me just say, it was pretty damned amazing. I started seeing things move at around 3:30am and was still seeing things...well, some stuff is still moving around now. Lots of enhancement of music, feeling of well-being, all that. Moderately annoying body load. (It makes you feel kinda crappy the next day, in other words. No worse than drinking too much and a hell of a lot more fun and profitable.)

I really have no way of describing such an experience to those who haven't had any psychedelic experiences before. But I recommend it. It's like LSD except not at all. I'd like to try it in a higher dose next time, see if I can't get it to do anything more.


So other than that, life has been going well. I am working at goddamn Brueggers starting this week, and probably moving in with a friend named Amanda. So, as I've said, life is going well. Very well. And there's a new, inexpensive psychedelic drug in town. OH, and I'll be able to get bunnicula back soon! Yaaaaay!

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